Yes Expat Recruitment



Yvet Brummelhuis

Within the YES team, Yvet is responsible for connecting with our clients. Her passion for traveling and working internationally has been the foundation of YES, and now YES collides her international dreams and ambitions on a daily basis. In her free time, she likes to run in order to gain new inspiration. Her hidden talent? She makes the best playlists for a fun but productive day at the office and with her love for food she provides the best YES lunches and dinners.

Sanne is responsible for inspiring and challenging our professionals that are dreaming of working abroad. She has the talent of creating the perfect match between a professional and an amazing opportunity abroad. Her eye for detail and natural feeling for business makes her irreaplacable for YES. In her free time, Sanne likes to travel abroad to think of new and innovative ideas. Something you didn’t know about Sanne yet: with her humour and incredible talent for dancing, she makes sure that every moment feels like a YES party.

Sanne Anvelink
Maaike ter Stal

Within YES, Maaike is responsible for recruiting the best FM talent. She has experienced working abroad herself in Curaçao and Spain, so she knows exactly what skills are required to be able to work abroad and be successful. Maaike uses her creativity and open mind to make international dreams come true for our professionals. Something you didn’t know about Maaike yet? When she isn’t at the office, she’s working in the hospitality business to serve the best food and drinks (and also enjoy some herself!).

Simon focuses on international marketing within our organization. The combination of his passion for international recruitment and his love for travels makes him feel right at home at YES. His endless creativity definitely helps him to further expand YES’s international marketing strategy. In his spare time, Simon loves to play soccer or watch all kinds of sports on TV.

Simon Mussche
Demi Hofstede

Demi is responsible for recruiting the best facility talent on behalf of YES. Because of her personal internship experiences in Australia and South-Africa, she’s very well able to support students during their search for a great internship abroad. Demi enjoys life to the fullest and she loves spending time with family and friends. Something you don’t know just yet? She has to prevent herself from singing along to her music all day every day!

Tim is our newest member of the sales team. Within YES, Tim is responsible for researching the opportunities to expand our training program for international companies globally. He is a very driven tennis player, soccer player and loves to run. He will use his fanaticism to work towards a practically usable research for The World of YES. Tim is very passionate about traveling, especially working abroad and getting to know the cultures of countries not anyone would travel to. His plans for the future? He is eager to learn a lot as an employee with The World of YES. On a more personal level he wants to complete a marathon this year!

Tim Jeurnink
Chantal Kleinjan

Chantal is involved with the Masterclass Program of YES. Because of her International Business & Languages study program, she knows exactly what skills are needed to work abroad successfully. Besides her love for estranged languages and different cultures, she loves to have a drink with her friends. Something you don’t know just yet? She plays soccer in her spare time.