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Masterclass in Facility Management


Do you want to develop yourself on a personal and professional level, share your unique knowledge with international organizations and gain knowledge in the facility market all at once? Then the Masterclass in FM program is just right for you!

We have developed this program especially for young facility professionals, starting their careers. You will be joining a group of other facility professionals during the introduction week. In this week you will also meet your coach, who will be coaching and supporting you throughout the program. We will also conduct personality tests that will give you guidance for your personal development plan in the next two years. Last but not least, we will also get you ready for the weeks to come, because you will be leaving your home country...


You will be working and living abroad during the full first year of the program where you will be working with an international organization. The goal is to get a different perspective of facility management, besides learning about coping with different cultures and languages. It is up to you to share your own valuable insights as a young professional with the organization, which can really make a difference!

To further develop your knowledge, we will facilitate in (online) webinars that will cover a different topic every time. Of course the topics are selected in a way that enables you to use the lessons learned in daily practice. Last but not least, your personal coach will be there to guide you one-on-one along the way.


After the first year you will return to your home country to work with one of the local organizations. This enables you to get a glimpse of multiple (international) organizations over the course of two years. The goal is that upon finishing the program together with the rest of the young professionals, you have experienced different elements of facility management. This will enable you to spread your wings, whether this will be in another (international) setting, or with the local partner. This is up to you to decide!

The next Masterclass in Facility Management program starts in 2019. Registration is now open. Want to register right away? Click the button!

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