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Is your organization future proof?

The World of YES helps (international) organization to be future proof. For us, future proof means that we enable organization to get the rights knowledge and skills on board to be able to set up and/or solidify the facility department. In order to do so, we work with different development programs in which we engage (young) facility talent to strengthen your organization. Want to know more about what we do? Keep reading below!


Dozens of organizations have already discovered the added value of bringing a student on board. We will match you with a (Dutch) facility management student that will enter your organization bringing in new and creative knowledge and ideas. Obviously it is our goal for the student to learn about facility management in practice, which enables you to contribute to a young professional's (career) development. But we feel that it is just as important that the student will use his/her knowledge and ideas to really contribute to your organization. Let us find the perfect match - free of charge!


Do you want to engage young talent? Our Masterclass in Facility Management program enables you to do just that! This two-year program includes the young professional to work abroad for one year as well as working in the home country for another year. This will increase worldwide knowledge sharing between professionals, but also attracting the new generation to our profession. The professional will be trained on specific facility management themes throughout the program, and will be coached along the way.

This is an easy way of engaging young talent and gaining new ideas from their perspective. Did you build an unbreakable bond with the young professional that joined your organization? We love that! After completing the program, the professional is free to work at an organization of his/her choice - with no recruitment fees involved on your end.


Are you looking for the best facility talent on the long term? We mediate for starter jobs as well as for medior and senior jobs within the facility management sector. Additional to our development programs, we are regularly asked whether we can also fulfill an (international) job opening - and we can! Because of our large international network within facility management, we are able to help you find the talent that fits your organization best. If you want to know more about the possibilities of this service, please get in touch via the button below.

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Do you want to learn more about facility management in general? Or do you want to know more about strategies to engage the next generation?

We provide (international) training focused at facility management. We do so for national and international organizations with very diverse challenges. The topics we address vary from ``how can I make sure my organization is more hospitable?`` to ``what do I need to know about the ISO 41001-2018 standard?``. We usually create a custom made training program. Our experiences as a facility management lecturer in The Netherlands make that easy for us to do. Usually we seek for a balance between theoretical backgrounds and practical assignments. Are you currently struggling with a challenge in the workplace yourself, or just curious what the possibilities are? Please don't hesitate to get in touch via the button below!

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